January 2019 Update

Dear IVC Friend,
Greetings from Marufpur, India!
I arrived here early in November and will stay until April. This is my annual 6 month visit to our projects in India. I am happy to report that the projects are going well. Our new school is flourishing. It was truly heart-warming to see the beautiful little ones in their uniforms so excitedly learning in the class rooms. I will write more about the new school in my next newsletter.
My wife Atsuko and I arrived late in the evening and were greeted by the IVC staff. On the following day, we were treated to a welcome party arranged for us by Nandeshwar Junior High School. School children, teachers and village folks were in attendance. Teacher O. P. Maurya, who is also a poet, had written poems in appreciation of the healthcare and other social services that IVC has provided in the area. He recited his poem which was much applauded.  The school children and local musicians gave a performance of songs and music. Two kids recited an English poem as if we didn’t understand Hindi. But speaking English here in India is a big deal!

We use this occasion every year to present scholarships to 6 children from Nandeshwar Junior High School who had secured first and second positions when they graduated from classes 5th, 8th and 10th. In India they have board examinations for these three classes. The $30 scholarship for each student provides for the year’s tuition, books, school uniform and a pair of shoes. A big bang for the buck! The attached photographs show the kids holding their scholarship envelopes.

I have been here for almost a month now. My jet lag is over, the weather is good and the work is great. I am pretty well caught up with the events of the last 6 months, including speaking with our staff as well as many men, women and children that IVC serves in this area.


My thanks to all IVC supporters and friends! We couldn’t accomplish our goals without your help and support.

Abul Sharah