IVC in the last year has accomplished:

Prevention Program

  • Served 60 villages in prevention program, a 25% increase over previous year.

  • Served a full slate of nutrition to 8 kindergarten schools.

  • Supplied 2,300 children with nutritional supplements and vaccinations, a 12% increase over previous year.

  • Provided 520 pregnant women with prenatal care, nutritional supplements and vaccinations.

  • Visited 9,798 pregnancy-age women throughout the year on a monthly, rotating basis for one-on-one meetings to build relationships and provide family planning consultation, up 25% over the previous year.

Education Program

  • Counseled and transported 370 women to the Block Government Hospital for tubal ligation.

  • Increased the family planning program again this year.

  • Conducted 720 health education seminars in 60 villages, up 25% over previous year.

  • Continued the scholarship program, started in 2011 at the NandeshwarBalVidya School; 6 new students received scholarships in the last year.

  • Constructed toilets for 9 local schools. (Many girls above 12 years of age drop out of school due to the lack of toilet facilities at schools.) This project is showing significant reduction in girls’ dropout rates.

Curative Program

  • Served 34,105 patients.

  • Offered round-the-clock emergency services, treating 2,340 patients, (2,308 cases were treated at our own hospital, while only 32 cases were transported to city hospitals for specialized care.)

  • Provided 24/7 service with two ambulances in a 30-mile radius.

  • Housed 678 patients at our 12-bed hospital.

  • Performed 87 surgeries.

  • Delivered 54 babies.

  • Conducted 255 lab tests.

  • Treated 46 tuberculosis patients with full course of treatment (treatment can take up to 9 months).

  • Assisted with 240 cataract surgeries.