History of IVC

Founded in in October 1999 in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, IVC employs skilled medical personnel in an area where illiteracy and disease are rampant. Through our health clinic, we bring technology, skill and energy to achieving these goals, while respecting people's culture and complementing existing resources.


Dr. Abul Sharah founded IVC in October 1999 to transform his dream into reality. Dr. Sharah had been thinking about his life and its meaning for several years. Just to live a comfortable life was not good enough. He wanted to give back, to make a difference.

Abul Sharah was a fatherless, impoverished boy from, Uttar Pradesh, India's poorest province. By chance, brains and hard work, he got an education and rose to senior engineering and marketing positions at Honeywell and MTS Systems over a 27-year career. In 1996, Dr. Sharah was harboring a growing desire to give something back in appreciation for his good fortune when chance intervened. While on a business trip to Calcutta, India, Dr. Sharah scheduled in time for a visit to Mother Theresa's Home for Dying Destitutes. By coincidence, he arrived at the hour when the nun received visitors. After learning of his humble Indian roots and success in the United States, Mother Theresa urged Dr. Sharah to pursue a mission of "love and human service."

Dr. Sharah decided to retire from corporate life early by 1999 and return to the poor villages of Uttar Pradesh – where he was born – in northern India, to help establish a medical clinic, nutrition, vaccination and health-education programs and employ qualified medical personnel in an area where illiteracy and disease are rampant. Dr. Sharah is investing the rest of his life integrating a quiet passion to give kids a brighter future with the planning and analysis skills he learned in industry.